Warfel's Multi-Flo is an authorized 
Sales, Installation and Maintenance provider
for Kane, Dupage, McHenry and DeKalb Counties
Since 1985


With over 35 years of proven performance, the Multi-Flo®is the Installer's choice for environmentally sensitive applications.

Designed specifically for installers, the Multi-Flo® is lightweight, compact, easy to transport and even easier to install. The system's flat bottom makes it easy to bed and level and its submersible aerator makes electric a breeze. The compact design and performance is perfect for your most challenging environmentally sensitive sites and the fiberglass construction eliminates time on site waiting for expensive cranes or boom trucks to set the unit.

The system's design is a blend of mechanical filtration coupled with aerobic digestion which is commonly found in large scale municipal systems. The Multi-Flo® has been certified under ANSI/NSF Standard 40 protocol as a class 1 system and removes more than 95% of wastewater contaminants.

Every system comes complete with tank, audible / visual alarm, submersible aerator C6 and hardware. Units also include a two year manufacturer's warranty.

Multi-Flo Wastewater Treatment System for Residential and Commercial Properties

Multi-Flo is a convenient alternative to a central sewage system or the septic tank and is ideal for the renovation of a failing on-site sewage system. And thanks to its durable, lightweight construction, Multi-Flo can be installed quickly and easily in any location, even those with limiting factors.

But most of all, Multi-Flo offers the highest quality of any wastewater treatment system in its class... it's simply the best.

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    No Odors
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    Quiet Operation
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    Low Operating Cost
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    No Owner Maintenance
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    Low Installation Cost
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    Minimal Space Requirements
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    Two (2) Year Warranty
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    Prevents Drainage Failure
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    Several Plant Sizes Available
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    NSF Tested and Certified Class I System

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