Design Septic System

We can design any septic system for residential and most commercial applications in Kane, DuPage, and DeKalb counties. Whether it is for a new construction or an existing home, we can design anything from a standard field to the latest technologies. We handle everything from start to finish including getting your soil test , obtaining your permit and finally installation.

Here are some commonly asked questions about septic design!

Q - What is required to design a septic system?

A - The requirements from the State of Illinois are also the requirements for each of the 3 counties, Kane, DuPage and DeKalb.
First, a soil evaluation by a licensed soil scientist must be completed before anyone can design a septic system. (Perc tests are no longer allowed in any of the County Health Departments.) A minimum of 3 test holes are required no less than 50’ apart in the area of where the septic field is proposed to be installed. We can schedule one for you, or you can get this done on your own.
Second, a septic drawing must show exactly what is going to be installed including elevations. A Plat of Survey is required in order to show everything that is present on the lot.
Third, a completed and signed Septic application along with a fee to the Health Dept. is required. 

Q - How long does it take to get a Septic Permit?

A - This process can take as little as 3 weeks to 2 months. The soil analysis can take up to 2 weeks to schedule, perform and get the results. Drawing the septic plan usually takes about a week to complete. Once it has been submitted to the County Health Dept. for review, it can take up to a month to month and a half to be approved depending on the individual County.

Q - Septic Installation 

A - Read Septic Service, Inc. can and has installed septic systems in almost any situation and overcome almost any obstacle