McHenry County

Read Septic has been providing septic tank pumping in the McHenry County area for over 58 years.

We are known for the quality of work we do – and we are proud to provide our clients the very best Septic Tank Pumping in McHenry County, including Woodstock, Marengo, Crystal Lake, Richmond, Bull Valley and anywhere in between.

Worry Free Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Tank Pumping is an important part of your home and business maintenance and should be done on a regular basis in order to prevent groundwater pollution, which could also contaminate drinking water. Residential customers and businesses alike rely on Read Septic to provide septic tank pumping on a regular basis. They also know they can count on Read Septic in an emergency.

The last thing homeowners and businesses want to see are large sludge and scum build ups in their yard or backing up inside. Drummer soil is common in our area and it is very deep, poorly draining dark soil so pumping out the septic tank every three years is recommended. Not pumping a septic tank or waiting too long can cause the malfunction of the tank, possibly resulting in legal issues and a reduction in property values.

Problems may still occur even with Septic Tank Pumping, problems such as:

How Can I Maintain My Septic Tank System?

Here are a few ways you can manage and maintain your septic tank:

  • Maintain records and notes of inspections, maintenance, pumping and repairs.
  • Keep the tank tightly shut and don’t allow air, light or water to come through.
  • Buy toilet paper that is septic tank friendly and dissolves easily.
  • Avoid flushing detergents, bleach, chemicals or grease into the tank.
  • Don’t overload your system with too much water – conserve water as much as possible.
  • Call Read Septic once a year for inspection.

Read Septic also offers additional services in McHenry County such as:

  • Trucking - Semis and 6-Wheeler trucks are available to handle your hauling requirements and we can also handle flat-bed services.
  • Demolition - those small projects that the big companies don’t want to handle is our specialty – we can demo those small projects and our equipment is small, so it won’t destroy your land.
  • Field Tiling – Call for a quote and have us come till your land in order to get started on a project. We’ll get it done in a jiffy.
  • We also repair and install gravel driveways and roads, dig room additions and provide trenching as well.
  • Got snow? We have the wheel loaders and pickups to clear our parking lots and driveways – we can even haul it away!

When you need your septic tank pumped or maintained, give Read Septic a call and consider it done!