Kane County

Read Septic has been providing professional septic services in Kane County and its surrounding region since 1956.

We provide Septic Tank Pumping, Septic System Maintenance and Repair, Septic System Design and more for residential and business customers. Read Septic is a full-service Septic System company and we are known for the variety and amount of work we do - providing the very best septic services in Kane County, including St. Charles, Algonquin, Burlington, East Dundee, Sleepy Hollow and everywhere in between.

We provide all type of Septic services  from start to finish, including:

Septic System Design

The professionals at Read Septic can help with permits, soil testing, and provide septic system design and the construction of new septic systems for residential and commercial construction. When homeowners and business owners in Kane County need a Septic System designed, they know all they need to do is call Read Septic and the job gets done. We are experts at installing the Sybr-AER wastewater treatment systems and the Nayadic Septic System. These Septic Systems are cost effective, time saving and ANSI/NSF Standard 40 approved.

A complete treatment system that can be installed in one excavation, the Sybr-AER wastewater system makes it easy to install in residential, commercial and high strength waste applications. The Sybr-AER system features a robust design which makes the minimal ongoing maintenance a popular feature when customers are considering purchase. Read Septic installs the Sybr-AER system in new construction and using it to replace old, outdated septic systems.

Homeowners and businesses know they can count on the Nayadic Wastewater Treatment System to provide them with an efficient sewage system that also has minimum maintenance requirements. Nayadic is one of the oldest names in the industry, with over 30 years’ experience. Whether building a new house in Geneva or replacing a septic system in Willow Creek, give Read Septic a call and ask about the Nayadic Wastewater Treatment System.

Challenging or environmentally sensitive locations rely on the Multi Flo for their septic system, the installer’s choice for environmentally sensitive applications. Certified under ANSI/NSF Standard 40 protocol as a class 1 system, Read Septic is an Authorized Multi-Flo Dealer in Kane County.

Septic Tank Pumping 

This is a primary maintenance task that homeowners should have done on a regular basis in order to keep their septic system running in tip top shape. Many homeowners and businesses in Kane County rely on Read Septic to perform septic tank pumping on a regular basis. With the deep, dark, poorly draining Drummer soil common in our area, every three years is the maximum time between pumping septic tanks. Waiting longer to pump your septic tank can cause it to malfunction.

 Septic System Repairs

The experienced staff at Read Septic are trained to be able to determine which type of Septic System is installed, how they function and how to repair them when they malfunction. Read Septic repairs all types of septic systems, including:

  • Conventional system
  • Gravity System
  • Aerobic Treatment Unit System
  • Mound Septic System

Drain Field Restorations

– Read Septic counts on Terra-Lifting, AKA Soil Shaking to rejuvenate the ground and restore the drain field to proper working condition. Terra-Lifting can restore drain fields without ruining yards or bank accounts.
 If you notice a wet spot in your yard that just won’t go away, give us a call for a drain field evaluation.  We have the equipment and expertise for restoring drain fields safely, affordably and quickly.
To view a Terra-Lifting video follow this link to our video.

Additional Services Available in DuPage County

Read septic  also offer additional services such as:

Trucking - we have Semi and 6-Wheeler trucks to handle your hauling and can handle flat-bed services.

Demolition - small projects that the big companies won’t do are our specialty. Our equipment is the right size to keep from destroying your landscaping.

Field Tiling – if you have a field that needs tiling then give Read Septic a call for a quote, we can till it up quickly and affordably.

In addition, we repair and install dirt and gravel driveways, dig accurate room additions and provide safe trenching as well

Got snow? We have the wheel loaders and pickups to clear our parking lots and driveways – we can even haul it away!

When there’s a Septic System Design needed in Gilberts, or a Septic Tank Pumping that needs to be done in Big Rock, give Read Septic a call and consider it done!