Drain Field Restoration


When drain fields quit working, its often because the soil is too compacted for liquids to drain through it. This causes them to back up into your septic system, and if its bad enough, even into your house.
The traditional repair for this is to put in a new drain field, tearing up your yard and costing you thousands. But all this became needless over ten years ago when the patented EarthBuster technology provided a better alternative. The process uses compressed air to re-open pathways in your soil. It's safe, it's "green", it's quick, and it costs much fess than the old-school way of fixing it! Ask if it's the right repair for your drain field!

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Drain Field Restoration Services


"Terra-lifting” or otherwise known as “Soil Shaking” is a process that can rejuvenate the Septic System by blowing apart the bio-mat that is the cause of the failure and by fracturing the soil to allow water to soak into the ground once again. See our video to see the process.

As a septic fails, a bio-mat forms on the bottom of the first trench that slowly blocks the water from exiting the septic trench. As the water level raises inside the trench the side walls begin to form this bio-mat. It works it’s way up the wall until the septic line has completely filled and is in “failure”. The water will then go to the next septic line and the process starts all over again until all of the lines have failed.

The Soil Shaking process inserts a probe along the sidewall of the septic trench and blasts air into that bio-mat which blows it apart and fractures the soil to allow the dirt to receive water again. The process is repeated every 5 feet along both sides of every trench. Once complete the 1” holes are filled with pea gravel to help air movement through the septic field which helps in the rejuvenating process.

The average cost can range from $3000 to $4000 for this process.