DeKalb Country

Read Septic has been in the business of pumping septic tanks, designing septic systems and restoring septic fields in DeKalb County for over 58 years. specialize in Septic Tank Pumping, and we also provide Septic System Design, Septic System Repairs, Septic Field Restoration and Terra – Lifting.

In addition to the comprehensive list of Septic Services Read Septic provides, we also provide trucking – we have a Semi and 6-Wheeler trucks to handle your hauling and can handle flat-bed services as well. Read Septic can also provide demolition work on small projects that the larger demo companies won’t handle. We have equipment that’s small enough from digging up your land too much. Other services we provide are Field Tilling, Gravel Driveway installation and repair, safe trenching and digging accurate room additions. We can provide snow plowing with wheel loaders and pickups to clear parking lots and driveways and we can haul it away if necessary.

Septic Tank Pumping and Septic Tank Maintenance are important maintenance tasks that should be done every one to three years. Homeowners and businesses in DeKalb County count on us at Read Septic to provide quality septic maintenance and septic tank pumping services. Our Septic Pumping truck is equipped with extra long hoses to reach your tank from your driveway or street. We don’t have to drive on your lawn or ruin expensive landscape.

Unlike other companies, we don’t stop with Septic Tank Pumping in DeKalb County. We also provide Septic System Design. We can help from the very beginning with permits, soil testing and septic system design, all the way through the installation of a new Septic System whether it’s residential or commercial. We are experts in the installation of the Nayadic Septic System and the Sybr-AER Wastewater Treatment Systems. These systems are known for being cost effective, time saving and are ANSI/NSF Standard 40 approved.

When you need a Septic Treatment System installed in one excavation, the Sybr-AER wastewater system is the best system to install in residential, commercial and high strength applications. The Sybr-AER’s robust design with its minimal ongoing maintenance makes it a popular choice when customers are considering which system to purchase. The professionals at Read Septic install the Sybr-AER wastewater system in new construction and when replacing old, outdated septic systems.